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Custom logo designs are essential to any business. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why a custom logo design is necessary for you to survive in business.

  • Leave a great first impression - a professional custom logo will show the world you're serious about your business
  • Build customer trust - a logo can relay a sense of trust
  • Be key in building your brand - since branding is the idea that your product or service is unique, your custom logo design
    should be too.
  • Be a marketing tool - Think about it. Remember the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Just how much money do you think it's worth.
  • Make you look cool - face it. Your custom logo design will look so cool you'll be showing everyone, everywhere. And to
    be honest, isn't that what you're supposed to do? Your website, you're eBay store, brochures, business cards, you get the picture.
lcustom logo design Please note that the above image is not the full size and reduced in quality. This is for viewing purposes only. The image you receive will be in full size and high quality.

Auction Pro Templates knows the importance of all of the above. Our graphic designers are trained to put your image in a well thought out logo. Your Professional logo at Auction Pro Templates prices. Unbeatable!

Best Value

5 first drafts with 2 rounds of revisions.
Our graphics design team is eager to create your logo. Once purchased you will receive a logo questionnaire. Return that questionnaire and they will get to work.

All clients that have purchased this package have been satisfied with the 5 choices and are now on their way to branding their business.

Price: $97 AuctionProTemplates

Better Value

10 first drafts with 2 rounds of revisions.
Need some variations to help you make your decision? This is the plan for you. You will receive 10 first drafts and 2 rounds of revisions. A great deal to help you make a serious decision.

Price: $147 AuctionProTemplates

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