About Ali and Ron

While in India on a business trip, Ron LaBeau stumbled upon the site that would change the way he did things. 1stoptutorials.com was the site. A free video tutorial website that teaches in great detail everything from an explanation of what a "Domain Name" is to "Web Hosting" all the way to "Create CSS Website", "Photoshop Tutorials" and much more. The amazing thing about this site for Ron was that nothing was assumed. Each course begins as if you have little knowledge of the topic. So, you can watch video 1 if needed, or skip to video 5 if that's where your knowledge allows. Can you guess who the webmaster of that site is? That's right, none other than Ali Young.

Ali Young and Ron LaBeau have been friends since January 2010. They have never met in person. In fact, they have never even been on the same continent. Ali lives in Thailand and Ron in the United States. Together they have built a working relationship and several businesses. They have completed many projects with satisfied clients around the world. Technology has made the business possible, but their passion for perfection has created the success. Leaders in building quality websites and Custom eBay Stores and Listings, they are setting the pace for others. Their latest product, the Premium DIY eBay Template allows anyone to create their own Custom eBay Store and Listing. But not without help. They have created 17 step-by-step video tutorials to help you through the entire process, start to end. And it's backed by their "You Can Do It" guarantee. If you get stuck, their team is there to help you move forward. And because you do all the work, you get the credit and the savings that goes with that.

about ali

Ali Young

Founder, eBay Coder, Online Web Designer, Teacher, former Tarzan, Podcast Co Host

Ali's story alone is quite amazing. Ali was born and raised in Devon, England. But that is not where he would settle. In 1994, Ali began travelling the world, including Australia, working along the way and had an idea. This idea would land him for the next year and a half living as the natives in the jungles of Malaysia with just his knife and his dog. He claims he was trying to find his "Jane". From there he ended up in Thailand where with his wife and four daughters lives today. Ali is self-taught. His knowledge is wide in many areas, but he's a champion with eBay Coding, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to name a few. He didn't grow up with computers, in fact he never booted one up until about 15 years ago. Hard to believe once you see his work at 1stoptutorials.com, the site he built from scratch, alone. In addition, Ali leads the team at Auction Pro Templates as the Technical Director where he loves working with clients to the finished look and feel they have been longing for. He is also co-host of the weekly podcast show SoYouWannaSellOnEbay.

about ron

Ron Labeau

Founder, Internet Marketer, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Podcast Co Host

Ron's story is a bit different than Ali. In fact, Ron has never stepped foot in a jungle, and he doesn't even have a dog. He ran a printing press for 14 years and when his oldest son Danny was born, he realized that Danny would be using computers in school and so he bought a used PC and began learning all about it. That was in 1989, a time when the term "PC" was new and few people had them in their homes. Ron's fascination with them would change his life. He learned the PC and in 1995 he left the printing industry to work for a large financial markets company in St. Louis, MO. Since then, his interests have included web and graphic design. Ron was also a successful internet marketer, until he sold his eCommerce business to focus on current business models. Ron is the Marketing Director at Auction Pro Templates where he enjoys meeting new people and showing the value of custom eBay Store and Listings and websites. Ron is married and has 5 children. He is also co-host of the weekly podcast show SoYouWannaSellOnEbay.

Our team leaders

about sunil

Sunil Chauhan

Sunil Chauhan is from divine mountains of Rishikesh, India . He is a B.Tech (IT) graduate and loves working on computers. He is an ardent lover of aesthetics and this is where he gets his inspiration of creating aesthetically beautiful things on web. Sunil has exstensive knowledge in eBay custom designs and has worked on many projects for AuctionProTemplates and his own customers.

about nim

Nimnuan Chandawiang

Nimnuan (Nim) is from northern Thailand. Nim has been working on eBay for over 2 years and has worked on many big projects, her main skills are eBay marketing and managing customer's eBay stores.
Nim brings her customer service and eBay experience with her. Her ability to handle complex situations is unmatched. 

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